The heart septum separates these two halves

The heart is nothing more than a hollow muscular organ. It supplies the body with blood through rhythmic contractions. Its function is similar to that of a pump. Venous, i.e. used blood, is sucked in. In the lungs, the blood is enriched with oxygen and converted into arterial blood. This arterial blood is then pumped into the body to the organs. A healthy heart makes up about 0.5% of the body weight and usually weighs about 300-500 grams.The left and right halves of the heart each consist of a ventricle and an atrium, also known as the atrium. The heart septum separates these two halves. The heart septum is also divided into further parts, these are atrial septum and ventricular septum. In both chambers as well as between the chamber and vein / artery, the openings are closed with heart valves, which function like a reflux valve. They only let the blood flow in one direction at a time.