Heart and circulation – a sophisticated system

The circulatory system is a particularly well-designed flow system that consists of the heart and a network of blood vessels. The blood vessels that carry blood to the heart are called veins, and the vessels that carry blood from the heart to the organs are the arteries. Anyone who has ever seen an anatomical picture of a person can perhaps remember that the blood vessels branch more and more and become thinner the further away they are from the heart. Our bloodstream has several tasks to perform in the body. On the one hand, organs are supplied with blood. It’s not just an exchange system, it’s also a logistical marvel. Nutrients, hormones, etc. are brought to the tissue and organs and used by them. Metabolic waste is carried away from the organs and transported to the kidneys and intestines, where they are then excreted. The blood circulation also serves to regulate the body’s temperature. The blood circulation in the skin regulates the amount of heat released through the surface of the body. People who often have cold hands and feet tend to have poor blood circulation.