Is the CathMaps+ APP live? Absolutely. Available on Google Play & the App Store

The listings of Cath Labs around the world continues, and South Africa and Chile are the most recent additions. We also have hospitals in Beijing listed.

Is CathMaps+ available in languages besides English?

CathMaps+ will operate in Spanish, and shortly will be also be operating in French and German. The App detects the language of the interface on your phone and (if available) will operate the app in that language.

Why don’t you have a rating system for the hospitals?

We chose not to create a rating system of the hospitals for two reasons. Firstly, in an emergency dial 911 or the local emergency number and get to the nearest hospital with a Cath Lab. A rating of the hospital would be distracting.  Secondly, we do not believe we are qualified to rate hospitals and the treatment received by patients.

What is the “plus” in CathMaps+ ?

In designing this tool for people with a cardiac history, we recognized that in addition to knowing the locations of  Hospitals with Cath Labs, it would also be a “Plus” to have medical records as part of the package.

How important is CathMaps+?

We have spoken to many cardiologists who agree that  CathMaps+ can be an important addition to the tools available in an emergency situation.  We have also consulted with numerous people who have a cardiac history, and all  appreciated the contribution CathMaps+ made to having more control over their situation and increasing peace of mind.

Cath Maps+ does not replace the need to follow your Cardiologist’s instructions concerning medication, diet and exercise.

Can Hospitals buy the CathMaps+ app to give as a gift to cardiac patients?

Absolutely. A number of hospitals have expressed interest in buying a “block of apps” to distribute to patients who have been treated in a Cath Lab. This saves the cardiologists’ time in answering the inevitable question -”I’m travelling to Paris, Moscow, Perth and Singapore. Which hospitals have Cath Labs? ”

Both the patient and their spouse/caregiver should have the app on their phone, since medical records can easily be stored, presented or emailed.

Another feature for the “travelling patient” is the DIAL EMERGENCY button on the app which recognizes the location of the phone, and dials the local emergency number.

The app can be an important part of the program for continuing care for cardiac patients.

Pediatric Hospitals are included

We have included Pediatric Hospitals with Cath Labs in our listings, since a parent may purchase the APP. The hospitals are often named “Childrens Hospital” and we have added under “more info” the tag Pediatric.

Is CathMaps+ HIPAA compliant?

CathMaps+ is committed to compliance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). 

These requirements pertain to the security and confidentiality of Personal Health Information (PHI). HIPAA addresses quality, security, and privacy standards for electronic medical records. An electronic medical record is a tool that can greatly improve the quality and accuracy of patient health care records but must be monitored to prevent protected health information from being obtained by unauthorized individuals.

Kickstart Ltd. which manages CathMaps+,  has introduced detailed procedures and systems to ensure that Personal Health Information (PHI) is used and disclosed in accordance with HIPAA rules and regulations.
Procedures and systems introduced include:
Confidentiality agreement with all the employees having access to PHI
Electronic access control monitoring
Mandatory training programs on handling PHI
Standard operating procedures for data backups and disaster recovery
Routine and event based internal audits for HIPAA compliance
Credentials and background check of employees

Will you share my medical records?

Although we will be holding a very large amount of medical history of individuals who have had procedures in a Cath Lab, we will not share your medical records without your explicit permission.  If we are approached by medical researchers, we will not share any information, before asking you first and obtaining your permission.

Danny Oberman, the founder of  CathMaps+, believes that we all have a responsibility to future generations to reduce the risks of heart disease, and asks that you respond in the affirmative if requested to share your medical data with researchers. However, the choice is ultimately yours.