On a warm afternoon in June 2013, Danny Oberman (future Founder and CEO of CathMaps+) felt pain in his chest that he kept telling himself would go away. After about 15 minutes, like anyone else who has cardiac history, he knew that meant that he needed to get to a hospital. On the way, he called his cardiologist and within 90 minutes of the pain starting, Danny was in the Cath Lab having a new stent inserted.

While Danny’s cardiologist was discharging him about 48 hours later, apart from telling him to lose weight, exercise more, and take his medications *, he asked if Danny knew what type of stent had been inserted and which artery it had been planted in – because in case of a future cardiac emergency it was vital that the attending cardiologist know that ahead of time.

Danny had NO idea!

The cardiologist also informed him that if another incident occurs, it is critical that he go to the nearest hospital with a Cath Lab as fast as possible, since time to treatment is crucial.

And in the likely occurrence that it turns out to be a different hospital, they will not have a copy of his medical records, so the cardiologist suggested that Danny carry the details of his cardiac medical history around with him on a piece of paper.

“Piece of paper? Surely there must be an app for that!” thought Danny.

But there wasn’t… and thus CathMaps+ was born. A mobile app that helps people with cardiac history – like Danny – live life with greater freedom and peace of mind.

Fortunately Danny, in addition to having a cardiac history, had many years of relevant management experience and had been involved with startups in the past. Together with a small team of talented technical and marketing professionals, and in consultation with some Cardiologists (who then became investors), the CathMaps+ App was developed and launched.

As a cardiac patient, Danny knows how useful this app can be in saving precious time, making treatment quicker and more efficient for the physician, and even saving lives. Importantly, it also provides peace of mind to the individual by locating the nearest Cath Lab almost anywhere in the world.

We welcome suggestions for improvements and additions to CathMaps+, and hope it will provide a level of comfort to those with cardiac conditions.

We wish all those who download the app (and those who don’t) good health and hope they  find CathMaps+ beneficial.

*A Cardiac Rehab Program is highly recommended.

Allegra Dan  Co-Founder & Director of Product  Development

Allegra has significant experience in Enterprise cloud computing product and project leadership, as well as business development. She has developed innovative products and projects on the Salesforce.com platform for large Israeli and international companies, and is passionate about bringing cutting-edge innovative solutions to the cardiac market with the CathMaps+ product. Allegra holds a B.Sc in computer science and psychology from the University of Haifa.